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    ZSH Archiving Services

    We offer a complete archiving service,
    with administration and controlling of data.

  • Fire extention : ARGOPRIM-IG55

    Fast and effective equipment against all types of fire.
    No adverse effects on the environment
    Safe and secure use in places occupied by persons
    Leaves no residue decomposition, no damage to protected equipment.
    Electrically non-conductive.

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    Temperature and humidity control:

    Validated Central monitoring system ECOLOG-NET
    Real-time monitoring
    Automated data download and archived
    In the event of a power breakdown or network failure, monitoring and local alarm continues and data is stored on the data logger.
    Practical tools for compiling audit-ready reports showing, data, graphical notations, alarms, and full event/action audit trail are in place.

ZSH Archives Ltd is recognized as an expert in GLP, GMP and NON-GLP archiving

Experience the difference.

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    More than 20 years experiment in GLP archiving.
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    The most sophisticated state of the art security and alarm systems.
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    We maintain strict confidentiality of our clients.